I've always been in bands, playing guitars and basses and yelling my lungs out like crazy.

Loud, adventurous, alternative guitar music. The kind of stuff few people dig.

But still, those who do enjoy alternative guitar music, really like what we're doing. Well, most of the times they do.

Right now, I'm in I DRIVE A UFO, with my good friend Manfred. That's right: that means there are only two of us.

Listen to "Eskimo"
Listen to "Films of Danny Kaye"
Listen to "Anammox"

Before that, I was in this quite successful local band called MINIATURE HORSES. That was so long ago, we never even had a web site!

Listen to "Sun of Love"

And obviously, I have hundreds and hundreds of home recordings. I usually refer to my solo stuff as THE GLASS FACTORY.

Listen to "Bird Song"
Listen to "Grow Up, Then What"

Not bad for a guy who can't even play, don't you think? (I'm a self-taught guitarist, I don't know any chords)